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Secure Your Internship or Post-Grad Dream Job & Salary with the proven framework for streamlining your search, standing out in interviews, and securing the perfect job.

Your Resume is Just The First Step…

Graduating from college is a time for celebration.

You’ve worked hard for 4 years. You’re entering the world with your degree and resume in hand, ready to start the job you’ve always wanted.

So it’s time to start that journey to your dream career and desired income.

You don’t need to DIY Your Internship or Post-College Application Process

With a resume that follows a proven framework, tools to find prestigious positions at top companies, and best practies for nailing the interview, you can be unstoppable.

There are roughly 9.2 million college women in the United States and each one has a job and salary they’re dreaming of

And it’s time for that dream to become reality.

Careerisa is on a mission to empower ambitious college women and close the negotiation gap so you can accept a position that excites you, earn the money you deserve, and enter the job market with confidence.



Transition from College to Your Internship or Dream Job With My Proven 4-Step System

The Ready Resume Formula

The Job Search Roadmap

The Irresistible Interview Blueprint

Job Offers & Negotiation Mastery

Every step, outlined and ready for you to fast track your way to your desired internship or dream job.

The Careerisa System is your opportunity to invest in your future and set yourself up to receive multiple, high-paying job offers while saving you time and energy.

The Careerisa System covers everything from starting the application process to managing and accepting the perfect offer.

Get Started

As soon as you sign up for Careerisa, you’ll get an email with your login details and access to the Get Started Module. I’ll walk you through how the entire system will work and get you in the confidence mindset you need to be an unforgettable and desirable applicant.

Module #1: The Ready Resume Formula

Once your enrollment is processed, you’ll also get instant access to the first module of the Careerisa system. You’ll learn my signature formula for reverse-engineering your resume writing process so each time you apply for a position, your resume caters to their exact specifications.

Module #2: The Job Search Roadmap

From there, you’ll discover the best way to look for and land the role you’ve always wanted. Everything from which tools to use to what to say and when — we’ll cover what you need to know to get the job you want.

Module #3: The Irresistible Interview Blueprint

Since getting your foot in the door is only half the battle, The Careerisa System gives you all the tips and tricks necessary to actually pass the interview process with flying colors. You won’t have any issues standing out, answering the toughest questions like pro, or landing the roles you want.

Module #4: Job Offers & Negotiation Mastery

After you’re done making waves during the interview process, you’ll finally get the job offers you want at the salary you deserve. The program has a near-100% success rate, so you’re guaranteed to get the opportunities you need to build a successful career. By the time you finish this module, you’ll be a negotiation ninja who knows how to ask for their worth.

Let’s Accelerate Your Career Success

Covering all the major fundamentals, like your resume and interview process, is essential, but I want to make sure you have everything you need to shine during the application process.
When you enroll in Careerisa today, you’ll get access to these FIVE bonuses to supplement the system so you can go above and beyond.


Your LinkedIn profile can be the first thing recruiters and interviewers look out for when considering you for a position. Optimize your LinkedIn profile by highlighting your accomplishments and standing out from day one of the process.
When you start making your dream salary, you may be confused about what to do when it hits your bank account. Learn about money management, saving, and making the most out of your new financial freedom in this bonus class.
Once you land the job of your dreams, it’s time to start maximizing your potential and growth as a professional. Learn and master proven networking skills that will help you build connections and level up your career.
Now that you’re in the door, it’s time to deliver on the promises you made during the interview process and exceed your employer’s expectations.
Graduating from college is about more than finding a job. When you start ‘adulting,’ the transition can be overwhelming. In this training, you’ll learn my favorite tips and tools for managing this shift and make the most out of your new job and income.

An online course with 4 easy-to-follow step-by-step video lessons, instructions, and guides.

Here’s everything waiting for you inside when you enroll in Careerisa:
4 modules going over the mindset and application strategies you need to master the application process

• The Ready Resume Formula
• The Job Search Roadmap
• The Irresistible Interview Blueprint
• Job Offer & Negotiation Mastery

Weekly LIVE, group coaching for Q&A, accountability & workshopping.
24/7 email support through a private, student-only, email address.
A FREE 12-month membership to the Careerisa Society, our private community to network in an elite mastermind with others and recieve ongoing support from the team
5 Bonuses to accelerate your success via LinkedIn, Networking, Financial Planning, and more.

• LinkedIn Unlocked
• Financial Independence 101
• Becoming a Networking Ninja
• You’ve Got the Job, Now What?
• Life After College How-To Cheat Sheet



One Payment of $4,400 for 12 Months of Access to the Careerisa System

Payment Plan


2 Payments of $2,200 for 12 Months of Access to the Careerisa System

The 1st Payment will be due upon enrollment and the 2nd Payment will be due 4 weeks after.

Our Students Say It Best

Jelisa Lowe

Cindy Zihan Yang

Sammy Furlan

“Arlena has been an integral part of my professional development experience. She wakes up at the crack of dawn to coach me all the way in Europe, no matter the time change. I’ve learned so much throughout my work with Elevation Ally, personally and professionally. Arlena has helped me find a new level of confidence and empowerment. For this, I am forever grateful!”

Emily Mullins,
Assistant Account Executive at Ketchum

“Arlena’s advice and counseling have been exceptional in my professional and personal development. Her wisdom, care, and attention to detail have guided me along my path to finding a fitting career. I strongly recommend Arlena for anyone in need of help moving forward in their career!”

Ashley Dunning,
Consultant Engineering Intern at FM Global LA Ops

“Miss Arlena has been very helpful in mentoring and guiding me through my application process for my first job out of university. As a former recruiter, she shares the invaluable insight of a recruiter’s mindset and how to go from a student to a professional applicant. Thank you for your continuous support, Miss Arlena!”

Margaux Gjurasic,
Consulting Program Advisor at Community Systems Foundation

“All I can say is WOW! I just did a speed coaching session, and I don’t know that I’ve ever been so productive and been left so hopeful after 20 minutes of productivity in my life.”

Elizabeth Cuzzupoli,
Creative Features Intern at Legendary Entertainment

“Elevation Ally gives me the confidence to reach for the stars. Being a student at a highly competitive university, it is easy to get lost in comparing myself to everyone else around me. However, with Arlena’s guidance and encouragement, I am ready to take on life after college and my dream job!”

Auril Maxwell ,
Deal Advisory, Data Analytics Intern at KPMG & 2022 KPMG Hire

“I often reflect on myself before embarking on my journey with Elevation Ally and marvel at how much I have learned about the details of career building, the transferable skills I have gained, and the positive changes I have undergone. Elevation Ally has changed my perspective, and I will never look back.”

Jamila Jacob,
Global Communications Specialist & Consultant

“Arlena helped me secure 6 job offers and made sure that I did not miss out on any opportunities that I had worked so hard for. She is a pleasure to work with and always has the best interest of her clients in mind. I can’t say enough about what a positive impact she had on my life!”

Lorien Bandhauer,
Consultant at Deloitte

“Little did I know I would get so much more out of career coaching with Arlena; not only did I learn about resume building, interviewing, self-presentation (and so much more), but it also gave me the opportunity to build relationships with other ambitious college women inside of The Careerisa Society. Now I can experience everything the amazing Careerisa Career Coaching System offers, and I am excited to see what it has in store for me!”

Constantine Gabella,
UC Berkeley Psychology and Social Welfare BA Graduate

“Arlena helped me conquer the challenges I faced regarding interviews and job applications. She helped me not only secure an amazing internship but further helped me land my full-time job with Zurich, North America. She created a safe space and helped me with my resume, mock interviews, one-on-one guidance, and more. I am forever grateful for her ― I will forever remember the advice and guidance Arlena has given me!”

Sammy Furlan,
Large Casualty Underwriter at Zurich North America

Meet Your Career Coach

Before she was the founder of Elevation Ally Academy, the #1 Career Coach for college women, Arlena Jackson was a young professional struggling with fear and anxiety.

Despite reaching the corporate table, she battled crippling Imposter Syndrome for the first five years of her career. She was continuously passed over for promotions because she didn’t own her power or believe in herself.

And yet, being the ambitious, high-performer she is, all it took was a change of attitude and a solid plan to get Arlena back on track. By eliminating her fears, she finally found the courage to become an award-winning Director of Global Communications and lead high-performing teams for brands like IBM, Salesforce and NASA throughout America, Europe, and Asia.

Now she’s passing on all she’s learned to college women across the country. She bridges the gap between the classroom and the workplace through the Careerisa System.

This is the solution for college women looking to ace their job search and secure the highest-paid internship or job of their choice.

We’re in this together. Let’s get to work.

"When my purpose became bigger than me, I had no other choice but to leave Corporate America and pay it forward. The Careerisa Coaching System is a movement - to serve college women around the world.”

Ready to receive multiple, high-paying job offers so you can start living your best life and wildest dreams?

The Careerisa System is waiting for you. Stand out with the perfect resume, interview strategies, and negotiation tips that will help you build the career of your dreams, starting today.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I work with students, I focus on helping them find the perfect job for their goals and expertise. I never suggest positions or companies because of a personal preference or relationship but rather teach you the strategies to find opportunities that will maximize your success in the application process throughout your career.
    1. 4 modules going over the mindset and application strategies you need to master the application process. 

      1. The Ready Resume Formula
      2. The Job Search Roadmap 
      3. The Irresistible Interview Blueprint
      4. Job Offer & Negotiation Mastery

    2. Weekly LIVE Q&A Sessions every Sunday to address any questions or comments you have about your career journey.

    3. 24/7 email support through a private, student-only, email address.

    4. 5 Bonuses to accelerate your success via LinkedIn, Networking, Financial Planning, and more.
      1. LinkedIn Unlocked
      2. Financial Independence 101
      3. Becoming a Networking Ninja
      4. You’ve Got the Job, Now What?
      5. Life After College How-To Cheat Sheet

The goal of the program is to teach you tried-and-true strategies for finding available positions online that will set you up for a career you love. You’ll learn how to search for available positions and streamline your application process so you can save time. You will never be pushed or pressured to apply for a position, especially if it doesn’t align with your career goals.

After enrolling in Careerisa, you will receive an email with your login details so you can access your course portal. You’ll find a Get Started Module and the First Module of the course. Each of the remaining modules will be unlocked, one week at a time, so you have the opportunity to give each module your full attention and complete the action steps.

There are no discounts or scholarships available for the Careerisa system. But, I completely understand that this is an investment which is why I offer a payment plan option. You can either choose to pay the full amount upfront or pay $2,200 today and the remaining $2,200 4 weeks after enrolling.

I truly believe the Careerisa system can guide you to your dream job, in a short amount of time. But, in the event that you find the system is not the right fit for you, you can request a refund by demonstrating you have watched all of the modules, have a completed Resume that follows the Careerisa format, and showing that you’ve taken the action steps.

The Careerisa system takes what I’ve been teaching for over 5 years to hundreds of college women, ready to go after their dream job or internship, and puts it into an easy to follow system. You’ll have access to all of the strategies and material for 12 months so you can take action and have the accountability you need during the application process. The system covers every step you need to take to secure your dream job - you just have to show up, put in the work, and believe in yourself.

The Careerisa system contains 4 modules that will cover everything you need to know from resumes, to job searching, interviews, negotiating, and more. The modules will be released one week at a time from the date you enroll. You will have 12 months of access to all of the content.

There will be a LIVE Q&A Call every Sunday at 2PM EST so you can ask me any questions you have about the content and the application process. These sessions will also be recorded so you can watch the replay and past sessions.

All students will have access to a private email so you can send our team any questions you have for a fast response. You will also have the opportunity to submit questions every week for the Q&A session so they can be answered live.

Careerisa is the all-in-one system that takes you through every step of the application process to save you time and maximize your career potential. It is based on proven strategies that have helped hundreds of college women secure their dream jobs and desired salaries while leveling up their confidence. Through the modules, I’ll walk you through every resource and tool you need to succeed. We’re in this together. Let’s get to work.



One Payment of $1,997 for 12 Months of Access to the Careerisa System

Payment Plan


2 Payments of $997 for 12 Months of Access to the Careerisa System

The 1st Payment will be due upon enrollment and the 2nd Payment will be due 4 weeks after.